Odds and Ends

What we have here are links to various articles or other items that I can't figure out how to attach within a profile.  These items were sent to me by a variety of folks, and they are posted here because they are of interest to all of us.  Joe Torgesen

To read a beautiful account of Karen Boeger's life in the Nevada wilderness, click on this link.    /000/7/7/0/22077/userfiles/file/Karen_Boeger_article.PDF

To look at a copy of the Student Handbook published when we were sophomores, click on this link./000/7/7/0/22077/userfiles/file/echs_sophmore_year_handbook_(2).pdf

To view a video of Todd Morgan, who was our entertainer at the 2012 reunion, click on this link  


The link to the video was sent in by Fred Vail, who arranged for Todd's performance at our reunion.