Here we have listed all the classmates we know of who have passed away.  If you know someone on this list and would like to make a comment in memory, please do so by simply clicking on their name.   If the classmate had a profile on the website, there is a link to it at the bottom of his/her page.                                 


By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Diane Andrews (Athanasiou) (Deceased 1999)  
Joanne Anthony (Schuler) (Deceased 2004)  
Ann Baldwin (Deceased 1966)  
George Barker (Deceased 2012)
Joanne Bauman (Horton) (Deceased 2023)  
James Bayne (Deceased 2007)  
Frank Bennett (Deceased 2002)  
JoAnn Bentley (Deceased 2004)  
Robert Biko (Deceased 2012)  
Michael Bradshaw (Deceased Year Unknown)
Donald Bush (Deceased 2017)  
Harold Christiansen (Deceased 2012)  
John Clarke (Deceased 1965)  
Georgianne Coffey (Deceased 2007)  
Jay Corby Jr. (Deceased 2014)  
Stephen Cox (Deceased 2021)
Alana Coyan (Deceased 2014)  
James Cronk (Deceased Year Unknown)
Margaret Dekker (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Georgia Delgado (Ross) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
John Devinney II (Deceased 1969)
Janet Draper (Deceased Year Unknown)
Patricia Dunlavey (Taylor) (Deceased 2017)  
Douglas Essary (Deceased 2015)  
Nancy Marie Feldhausen (Hack) (Deceased 1992)  
Robert Ferguson (Deceased 2021)  
Charles Fleischer Jr. (Deceased 2009)  
Stephen French (Stephen French) (Deceased 2017)  
Robert Eugene Gardner (Deceased Year Unknown)  
James Gillette (Deceased 1978)  
Gary Gordon (Deceased 1992)  
David Hall (Deceased 2022)  
Ronald Harvey (Deceased 2014)  
Ray Hazelwood (Deceased 2019)  
Ronald Huggins (Deceased 2019)  
Susan Hurn (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jeraldine Jordan (Coker) (Deceased 2017)  
James Juvik (Deceased Year Unknown)
Norman "Skip" Kelley (Deceased 2008)  
Rodney Kiesel (Deceased Year Unknown)
Larry (Royer) Knickerbocker (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Randy Larson (Deceased 2020)  
Michael Lasich (Deceased 2022)  
Gaylyn Lawrence (Miller) (Deceased 2020)  
Lawrence MacKenzie (Deceased Year Unknown)  
David MacMurdo Jr (Deceased 2020)  
Donald Mallory (Deceased Year Unknown)
Linda Martin (Hardesty) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Stephen Mason (Deceased 1987)  
Tyke McConnell (Deceased 2018)  
Carole McDonald (Deceased 2020)  
Kenneth Miller (Deceased 2013)  
Douglas Morgan (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Anthony Mysicka Jr (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Cary Nosler (Deceased 2023)  
Denis O'Brien (Deceased 2017)  
James Parshall (Deceased 2014)  
Beverly Person (Vona) (Deceased 1999)  
Charles Pierce Jr. (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Lawrence Puccinelli (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Susan Reiter (Deceased Year Unknown)
Peggy Rezos (Deceased 2002)  
Doyle Richardson (Deceased 2023)  
James Rivett (Deceased 1999)
Michael Rose (Deceased 2006)
Shari Sartore (Deceased 2022)  
Vivian Saverien (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Susan Schroeder (Mason) (Deceased 2024)  
Peter Schweigert (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Jo Ann Seros (Stills) (Deceased 2023)
John Sessarego (Deceased 2000)
Jerry Shanks (Deceased 2013)  
Judith Shomate (Boothby) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
John Skalbeck (Deceased Year Unknown)
Susan Snider (Deceased 2018)  
Ronnie Stenzel (Deceased Year Unknown)
Lance Thompson (Deceased 1984)  
Roland Tiffany (Deceased 2011)  
Claudia Tull (Sweat) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert Vandervolgen (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Barbara Wahl (Deceased Year Unknown)
Donald Wilkening (Deceased 2015)  
Thomas William (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Stanlie Wykoff (Deceased 2010)  

If you are aware of a Classmate who should be added to this page please let us know.