Classmate Hobbies

This gallery contains photos of the products of the hobbies (or professions) of some of our classmates.  If your hobby is flower arranging, you could include photos of some of your arrangements.  If you build model ships as a hobby, we we would love to see photos (and descriptions of your work).  If you are a professional painter or woodworker, you could also post a collection of your work here.  The idea is to allow classmates a chance to see the kind of things you have produced.  If you have a website that displays your work, send the URL to Joe Torgesen, (, and he will see that it gets posted here.  It would be interesting to learn something about your hobby in your own words, and we we love to learn how you got interested in what you are doing.  Please limit yourself to 10 photos so we can have enough space for everyone who might want to contribute.

Kingsley Lunden
12 Photos  11/13/12
Carl Scandella
10 Photos  12/4/12
Kenneth Stroth
13 Photos  4/1/13
Jim Faulkinbury
8 Photos  5/29/15
Joe Torgesen
14 Photos  2/4/17